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Lads - Adult Registration Form

Lads to Leaders Adult Registration Form

  • A "No" selection will NOT register you for the official Lads to Leaders Convention. A "Yes" will officially register you for the convention.

  • If this is your first year to attend the Lads convention with Madison, please select yes.

  • Select this option if you plan on attending the convention but plan on staying somewhere other than the Opryland hotel.

  • If you are an event coordinator, PLEASE indicate that here.

  • This is the main contact for the family. Please only select Yes for this option on 1 adult form for your family.

  • If you do not have a cell phone, enter all zeros.

  • If you enter a shirt size, you are ORDERING a T-shirt for $16.00. If you do not want a shirt, skip this field.


    Select the events you are interested in judging at the convention.
    Please enter at least one event per adult registration form.


    Select the events in which you wish to participate.

  • Please leave "Yes" as the selection if you wish to not receive the physical awards.

    Bartimaeus is for adults or children with special needs. If interested in Art, enter selections in the Art Says It (Display Only) section.

  • Bronze = 100 verses in any number of sittings
    Silver = 100 verses, 50 per sitting
    Gold = 100 verses in one sitting
    Deca = 1000 verses within a 10 year period

  • Bronze = 500 points
    Silver = 1000 Points
    Gold = 1500 Points
    Janathan Bourland Platinum = 2000 Points

  • 1 Medal = 1 Testament Read
    2 Medals = 2 Testaments Read

  • Spanish - Beto Huamani
    Signing - Morgan Cure

  • Bronze = 500 points
    Silver = 1000 Points
    Gold = 1500 Points
    Jonathan Bourland Platinum = 2000 Points

  • Coaching Information

    If you have already marked yourself as a coordinator do not mark the same event as a coach. Otherwise, select all events in which you are actively coaching.

  • Place any clarification or special considerations here.

  • * next to the question label indicates that a response is required.